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It had been two months since the evening we'd spent at the Dinner Club. And Chloe had changed. She was much more adventurous and vocal in our lovemaking. Our love life had always been good but now we were pushing new boundaries with role playing, light bondage and new toys. Tonight we were going to the Dinner Club for the second time, and this time we both knew what the night might hold. Chloe was preparing herself for the evening. She had showered, shaved and was putting on the new underwear bought for the evening. A classy set black set from...


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He accidentally put his hand on the pieces and she activated

Ben and Craig were small-time criminals supplementingtheir unemployment cheques with the proceeds of theirpetty crimes. Their favourite ploy was to trawl neighbourhoodslate at night looking for house or car doors left unlocked.This night brought them to a part of the city they had nevertried before. But they were having no luck. Everyone roundthese parts appeared to lock their car and house doors. It was 3 am and they were on the last part of their long trawlthrough the tree-lined avenues. They found themselvesat the back of two houses that shared a driveway. Both houseshad cars parked at the rear but as...


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At the restaurant, Thomas and Sophie waited impatiently for Michalis to arrive and give Sophie the license. The time neared five thirty. “Where is that guy?” Michalis fretted. “TC is about to arrive!” Half past five. The door opened. And in came— “Oh no,” Thomas panicked, “too late!” —Michalis. Thomas exhaled in relief. “Hey! What took you so long?” “Ehh...” Michalis' eyes rolled down and right as he recalled his experience with Sarah. Thomas realized that Michalis switched to Homo Neandertalis mode again. Puckering up his face and tightening up his lips, he inhaled a deep breath and his eyes formed perfect circles. For a moment he looked...


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Prologue: I'm driving away from my dusty driveway in the hot Oklahoma sun, watching as my mother, Natasha Still Water, stares longingly in the distance. Two things she couldn't deal with, me being Two Spirit, and another thing she didn't know, I am kinky. BDSM was a foreign word to me, I barely knew the term, but I knew it was a part of me since birth. I just wanted to experience it with someone...My mother had to take care of my older brother Joshua and younger sister Aiyanna. Our father, Brad Peterson, left her after a rocky marriage because the Muskogee...


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