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Carson’s mind went blank. He was trapped. Mr. Armisen was toying with the underwear in his fingers, his other hand still holding the cigar.“I, uh--” Carson began.“What were you gonna do with this, huh?” Armisen asked, his thick eyebrow still cocked.Carson couldn’t lie any longer. He didn’t care. “I just wanted to smell it.”Mr. Armisen nodded, the faintest of smiles--could it be?--curling the edges of his juicy lips.“You like how I smell, huh?”Carson shrank smaller and smaller. Armisen’s chocolate brown eyes were impossible to read. “Yeah…”Armisen brought the underwear to his face and took a whiff. “Smells like balls to me”...


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I'm going to hop up onto your face, Lick my pussy all over the place. Get right into my tight, wet space. I'll smother you with my wet little muff,You love my pussy; you can't get enough.You love to taste my little cream puff. Licks and flicks on my swollen clit,I squeeze together my beautiful tits.You're tongue fucking my warm, wet slit. I'm rocking my pussy up and down,Your licking and slurping all around.Oh God, you love my little mound. My pussy is so freaking slick,Put your dick into your chick!Fuck me hard with your prick! I want to ride your stickStraddling...


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I hold a peach within my hand; Light furred skin tickling at my palm. A vision of pure innocence; Unplucked fruit to protect from harm. To run my fingers ‘cross its form And feel its heat caressing mine Dare I bruise such maidenly flesh? Defile that perfect orb divine? Drag cuticles to split that skin, Reveal its plump inviting core, Tease about that glorious wound, Ears deaf to your needful implore. Juice coated fingers glistening, Stickiness thick about my lips, Mouth feasting on this chaste delight, Skin marked as flashing teeth do nip. I will devour you little peach; Consume your ever throbbing all. Ravage sundered, enticing you; Clasp you tenderly in...


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I have decided to describe my first adventures with men here. Maybe some of you will recognize the experiences and feelings. It is no fantasy story but an account of what happened during the last half year.During many years when I watched porn I always liked to watch women being butt fucked doggy style. My wife never let me fuck her ass. A few years ago I discovered that I actually wanted to be the one being penetrated. This feeling became stronger every day.  I had being using anal toys when I was about twenty-five years old but stopped with that...


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He shut the door behind him and looked around the hotel room. How long have you been married? Why would you bring that up? He just shrugged, unzipping his pants. Thirty-eight years. Does it matter? Probably matters to your husband. But if it doesn't matter to you, it doesn't matter to me. He had his cock in his hand. Come here. I dropped to my knees and took his cock in one hand and his balls in the other. I liked feeling it grow in my hand. Impatient, he put his hand on my head and drew me to him. Make...


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