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This was just my luck. The doorbell rang and when I answered it, there was Lori standing there. Lori was 19, 5'4, 135 pounds and had very nice C cups. Plus she was always horny and now she was standing there looking very nice in her jeans and a t-shirt waiting to be invited in! What tremendously bad luck. It was about 11 a.m. on Saturday and I had picked up my other girlfriend Charlene early that morning and brought her back to my parent's house where we had an early morning love making session and then breakfast. Charlene was still...


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This story will describe the events that occurred at a golf outing that I attended when I was forty years old.   I was a mid-level production manager at a small manufacturing company in the Atlanta area, and three of my co-workers and I arranged for a week-long golf outing in Hilton Head.   I had worked with te guys for four years, and although we had a good working relationship, we had not socialized very much.   But, we all loved the game, and took advantage of our one-week production shutdown to go on the trip.  We decided to share...


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